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Here at SunCycling, our goal is to keep you riding your bike. We firmly believe that you should be able to ride your bike comfortably and pain free while still being able to meet your cycling goals. As your local bike shop, we offer a full-time, dedicated staff of Certified Master Body Geometry Fit Specialists, trained by Specialized and the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, who can tailor your bike to fit you. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist, casual rider or commuter, we offer a fit process that allows you to become one with your bike. Our fitters will give you the most complete and up to date fitting methods and tools used in the industry.


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Body Geometry Fit

(Road, Cyclocross,MTB, & Fitness)

Rider Interview
Your Fit specialist will initially want to get to know you as a rider. You will discuss injury history, riding experience, current issues, and aspirations before beginning to analyze your position.

Comprehensive Physical and Flexibility Assessment

Your session will include a thorough physical and flexibility assessment. Including analysis of current foot structure, core strength, hamstring and hip ranges of motion, and pelvic rotations to name a few. This information allows your Fit Specialist to accurately assess your touch point equipment (Handlebars, saddles, shoes/pedals) and make adjustments with a sound biomechanical foundation.

Saddle Selection

Using measuring tools our Fit Specialist will assess your pelvic width. Taking this data into consideration, along with your personalized riding style, you will work with your Fit Specialist to determine the appropriate saddle width, contour, and density for your specific riding needs.

Optimized Saddle Position

Ensuring correct saddle position is a key component of bike fit. Your Fit Specialist will help you arrive at a saddle position that provides low impact, high efficiency, and appropriate leg extension for your cycling journey. Using the knee as a fulcrum we will effectively set your position in relation to the pedal spindle, optimizing power output and ensuring comfortable, efficient pedaling.

Handlebar Selection (Width, Reach, Drop Shape)

Taking the time to find out what your preferred riding experience is and using your unique structure as a foundation; your Fit Specialist will work with you on an appropriate handlebar shape, reach, and width in order to support your unique upper body structure and enhance your riding experience.

Optimized Hip/Torso angle derived from Physical assessment.

Preferred experience

Whether your looking for an upright, comfort ride or an aggressive, race position; your Fit Specialist will help you optimize your handlebar placement in order to promote comfort, power, and efficiency while riding in the hoods, drops, and tops of your handlebar.

Handlebar Rotation and Shifter Placement

After optimization of your torso and hip angle your Fit Specialist will take the time to adjust handlebar rotation and shifter placement. This will allow you a comfortable shifter reach and a neutral wrist angle in both the hood and drop positions of your handlebar.

Complete Z-Plane assessment and adjustment, accounting for Leg Length Discrepancies, foot structure, and optimizing hip, knee, and ankle alignment.

The key to efficient, powerful, and comfortable pedaling is appropriate cleat and shoe setup. As such, your Fit Specialist will account for all aspects of cleat alignment and foot structure. Using a variety of foot beds, internal and external wedges, and shims, your Fit Specialist will work with you to optimize your relationship with both your shoe and pedal systems; creating a perfect union between you and your ride.

3D analysis using the Retul motion capture system

Retül is our 3D analysis system that allows us to better tailor the bike to you. LED markers are strategically placed on eight anatomical points of the rider: the wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, heel, and toe. As the rider pedals, Retül’s sensor bar gathers real-time, three-dimensional data of the rider’s pedal strokes and movements.


1 year of support troubleshooting for your position (*new equipment installation may be subject to charge) 1 year of discounts on additional bike setups and new positions! Complementary flash drive with video analysis, fit report, and rider measurements Complementary roll of Bike Smart Route 66 Bar tape. Additional year of support available for purchase

Body Geometry Aero Fit

(Triathlon & Time Trial)

All elements of assessment and adjustment from our Body Geometry Fitting, in addition to Tri and TT front end specific adjustments. Focus on aerodynamic profile reduction and biomechanical optimization in an aero position.

3D analysis using the Retul motion capture system.

Retül is our 3D analysis system that allows us to better tailor the bike to you. LED markers are strategically placed on eight anatomical points of the rider: the wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, heel, and toe. As the rider pedals, Retül’s sensor bar gathers real-time, three-dimensional data of the rider’s pedal strokes and movements.


1 year of support troubleshooting for your position (*new equipment installation may be subject to charge) 1 year of discounts on additional bike setups and new positions! Complementary flash drive with video analysis, fit report, and rider measurements. Additional year of support available for purchase

Studio Sizing

(All bike types)

Using measuring tools our Fit Specialist will assess your pelvic width. Taking this data into consideration, you will work with your Fit Specialist to determine the appropriate saddle width, contour, and density for your riding needs.

Industry standard neutral cleat positioning(if applicable)

Using keystones on your foot, your Fit Specialist will adjust your cleat position fore/aft and rotation.

Industry neutral saddle position

Based on Industry standards your Fit Specialist will work with you to find appropriate leg extension and saddle fore/aft.

Brief Handlebar, Stem, Reach, and Drop assessment

Using your preferred riding experience your Fit Specialist will help you find a great starting point for your cycling adventure.

Diagnostic on current position

During your session your fitter will bring to your attention small details to focus on going forward that may be able to improve your riding experience.


The tailored suit of bicycle fitting. Any rider who is looking to ride longer, faster, in greater comfort and with less risk of injury can benefit from a Body Geometry Fitting. During your fitting, your Certified Fit Specialist will learn about how you ride, your cycling goals, and other pertinent information to understand your needs as a rider. Next, we will take you through a 22-step physical assessment to help guide the customization of your bike position. Once on the bicycle, we assess the way that you ride and optimize the position using Retül technology and make it a complete, tailored bike position. In the end, saddle selection and position, shoes, footbeds, cleat position, and handlebar position are all optimized to your body.

Any type of rider can benefit from the Body Geometry Fit! Whether you’re riding on your local group ride or just getting back into riding after years away from the bike, no one should ride in pain. If you want to be more comfortable on the bike and be as injury preventative as possible, then the Body Geometry Fit is a great option for you.

Some of the biggest names and teams in all disciplines of cycling use the Body Geometry Fit process. Some heavy hitters include World Champion Peter Sagan and the entire Bora-Hansgrohe team, Marcel Kittel and Quick-Step Floors, World Champion Amalie Dideriksen, and U.S. National Road Race Champion Megan Guarnier of Boels-Dolmans. Professional triathletes Gwen Jorgensen, Ben Hoffman, and Javier Gomez. Mountain bikers Kate Courtney, Annika Langvad, and Simon Andreassen. Check out the complete list of riders and teams at S-Racing.

Yes! We refer to our cleat portion of the fitting as “z-plane” analysis. As we assess rider position, our z-plane analysis not only takes into account knee tracking as a result of cleat adjustment, but also takes into account rider rotations on the saddle, which can create abnormal knee, hip, and upper body positioning.

Please bring the following items to your session • Your bike – During your session your bike will be placed in a trainer to allow for your cycling biomechanics to be recreated inside the studio • Your shoes – If you are hoping to purchase new shoes at the time of the fitting, please contact prior to making an appointment as we will want to allot a slightly longer timeframe to accommodate the sizing of this purchase • Your pedals – we stock cleats for most pedal systems should your cleats need replacing • Cycling shorts or tri suit – These need to fit well to ensure we can take accurate measurements • Jersey or base layer – we need to be able to see your shoulders for the most accurate measurement • Helmet – In particular instances we may want your Triathlon/TT helmet • Headwear and Sunglasses – In some cases, something as simple as the bill on your cycling cap or the rim on the top of your sunglasses may be leading to that nagging neck pain. • Proprietary bits – If your bike has any kind of “integrated” stem, seat post, or tri bar set up, please bring all spacers and fittings provided with the bike. *Please also check stem bolts, seat post, saddle clamps and seat post clamps for corrosion prior to your fit to ensure that these parts can be easily adjusted during the fit process.

Play it cool, you got this one. Please arrive 15-20 minutes early in order to give yourself ample opportunity to find parking, change clothing if needed, and unload your equipment into the store. During the summer our fit appointments book incredibly tightly so please do arrive on time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you may be subject to reschedule.

Heck yea! If it’s inclement weather, just try and dry off a bit by the door on the way to the studio.

Yes. We use Varus and Valgus wedging (both internally and externally) and/or leg length shims where appropriate after thorough assessment of each rider’s strength, flexibility, foot structure and z-plane movement patterns.

Absolutely! While we hope to carry all of your needs on hand, on occasion we do need to special order a part that is required for your position. Please bear with us as each of you are unique snowflakes that can require some very unique parts.

Unfortunately no. Each of our studios are stocked with a wide variety of saddles for purchase. While we don’t have a “test” saddle program, our Fit Specialists will work with you with our sit bone measuring equipment and on hand product in order to find the perfect saddle solution. We have a 30-day refund policy on any product that you and your Fit Specialist decide on during your session.

A fitting will allow for a custom tailored position on your bike. Taking into account the unique and subtle biomechanical nuances of your riding position and solving basic and complex issues alike, a fitting will cover every aspect of your relationship with your bike. It will address any equipment or position related ailments, and optimize your position for comfort, efficiency, and power. It’s like getting a tailored suit! A sizing typically refers to an industry neutral setup. A sizing will take you through some of the basics of bike positioning while using averages. A sizing typically does not take into account most of the rider specific considerations (such as flexibility, knee tracking, and core strength). A sizing is like getting a new suit and having the pants hemmed. Just enough to get you going.

The answer from a Fit Specialist will always be a fitting. However, we realize there are bank accounts, significant others, and various life things to be taken into account. Typically, if you are running into more complex issues such as knee pain, inconsistent or asymmetrical saddle issues, or numbness issues, then a fitting is truly more appropriate. This will allow your Fit Specialist to find the root cause of the issue(s) and put appropriate solutions into place. If your questions and concerns are more basic, a sizing may offer everything you are looking for. If you have any questions on this before signing up for a service, please contact any one of our fitters.

No. Due to the complex nature and the time required in order to complete a Body Geometry Fitting we are unable to provide this service at no charge. We do however offer a $50 Fit Credit that can be applied at the time of any new bike purchase toward any of our Fitting or Sizing services.

Yes! Absolutely. We operate as a family, and as such you are able to use your credit at any of our studio locations.

In order to promote the experience we believe all riders should be able to enjoy, we are proud to employ a dedicated full time staff of Certified Master Fit Specialists. This staff represents the most knowledgeable, thorough, and professional fit personnel in the industry today. All of our fit professionals have been trained and certified by Specialized and The Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, and will offer the most up-to-date methods and solutions found in the cycling world today. What does that mean for you? It means solutions instead of theories, proven technology, thoughtful support on your position, and a decreased wait time to get in for your service.

We like to think about fit like we think about holiday pant size. While maybe the pants don’t change size, they do start to fit different around those times of both joy and stress. As your biomechanics change, as your weight varies, as your strength grows and fades, your position on the bike is subject to change. Re-evaluating your position on a yearly basis is a great idea to consider if you are serious about your cycling ventures.

Possibly! While we really want to say everyone will get faster through a fitting, it will completely depend on where you are currently with your bike position and fitting experience and how much your position changes during the service. The answer is sometimes yes, and a huge YES at that, but we unfortunately do not have a Faster Guarantee 😉

We fit nearly all kinds of bikes including road, MTB, Fitness, Cyclocross, Triathlon, and Time Trial bikes (Unfortunately we cannot accommodate recumbents. Tandems only in certain studios)

While bike fit is incredibly important to not aggravate or exacerbate current injuries or cause repetitive motion injuries, it’s probably not going to cure you. Unless your Dr. says, ”go ride a bike, it’s going to cure that heart ailment, overweight issue, etc.”  Then, it will absolutely cure you.

No problem! We fit all types of bikes from any vendor. If you have a specific seat post or stem that is proprietary to a manufacturer, please do make sure and bring all required pieces as our relationships limit some of our ability to order small parts from all vendors.

On occasion we do run into a bike that is too far from a sound position that it may not make sense to invest any further into that particular bike. In these cases, your Fit Specialist will either work with you to find a reasonable solution on your current bike or recommend you work with one of our knowledgeable Sales Advisors to find that perfect fitting new ride.

With the purchase of the Body Geometry Fit, you also receive a full year of complimentary follow-ups! This allows us to adjust the position as needed as you start to ride your bike after your fitting.

Great! Your fitter can help you find all the new equipment that you need. Because our fitters can have multiple appointments in the day, we highly recommend that you reach out to your scheduled fitter to set some extra time aside for this process.

While we really, really hate having to charge for no-shows and cancellations, they can be extremely costly to us. If you need to reschedule no problem, just try and give us ample notice. During our busy season, our Fit Specialists see upwards of 7 clients a day. In order to keep our wait times down and to avoid using up other’s paid appointment time, please arrive 15-20 minutes early. If you are more than 15 minutes late you may be subject to reschedule. By making a booking you are accepting the terms of our cancellation policy. We currently ask for CC information to schedule any of our bike fit appointments. If you do need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, our policy is as follows: Less than 48 hour cancellation – 25% No Show – 50% Less than 24 hour reschedule – 15% (at our discretion) More than 15 minutes Late – Reschedule (at our discretion)